Seattle YMF: An All Star ASCE Cast

The Seattle Younger Member Forum (YFMF) is a large group that does a lot of great work in their community, with the local university, with neighboring Younger Member Groups, and with the Society as a whole.  Their activities are extremely diverse and they truly improve the Civil Engineering profession with the quality of their programs.  This article showcases the amazing things they did in 2015 to try and make up for the fact that ASCE made a mistake in reviewing their 2015 application for the ASCE Younger Member Group Award.

Some of Seattle’s social activities include participating in a soccer league (fall, winter, and spring), holding monthly networking socials at various locations around the city, and attending various local sporting game.  One event that stood out to me was when the Seattle YMF partnered with the Oregon YMF for a skiing weekend at Mt. Hood.  The two groups shared cabins for the weekend and enjoyed time together.  In addition, they broke into roundtable discussions one night to discuss ASCE and professional development.

WRYMC 2015 (Photo Courtesy of Seattle YMF)

In 2015, Seattle hosted the Western Regional Younger Member Council (WRYMC) and they did an outstanding job!  Everything was very well organized and they had an army of stellar Younger Members on their planning committee. In addition to hosting WRYMC, Seattle also participated in all of the major ASCE conferences and events, including the Legislative Fly-In, Younger Member Leadership Symposium, and the Annual Convention.

Seattle is also very involved with local K-12 education and the universities in the area.  They participate in many outreach events with elementary and high school students to encourage kids to choose engineering as a career (such as the “Energy Vampire” activity that showed kids how much power common objects suck up each day).  Their largest event is hosting a popsicle stick bridge competition with over 40 volunteers!  The chapter also gives out thousands of dollars in scholarship funds to local high school and university students in the area.  Furthermore, the YMs conduct professional development with their ASCE Student Chapter, such as mock interviews (which drew 40 UW students in 2015), and a Young Professionals Panel.  Finally, they had four of their Younger Members sit on a committee at Washington State University to make the curriculum more applicable to real world engineering design.

Seattle YMF at the Popsicle Bridge Competition (Photo Courtesy of Seattle YMF)

Although these activities provide an amazing service to the community, the group does not stop there.  They participate in a range of additional community service, including beach cleanup, Toys for Tots, an MS walk, the Food Frenzy and Food lifeline food donation programs, and adopting a two-mile stretch of highway.

Adopt-a-Highway (Photo Courtesy of Seattle YMF)

The members of Seattle YMF are always applying for awards and they don’t miss an opportunity to showcase their work.  This should have been CYM’s first clue that something happened with their 2015 application for the Younger Member Group Awards.  But in case you didn’t know, this group has some stellar individuals who were recognized in 2014 and 2015.  Shane Binder won the Edmund Friedman award in 2014, and Courtney Davis was selected as a New Face in Civil Engineering in 2015.  In addition, Melissa Wu, Bethy Clark, and Courtney Davis were honored for their participation in the Society at WRYMC in Anchorage, AK.

With everything Seattle does, it really upsets me that they didn’t have a chance to be recognized by CYM as an outstanding Younger Member Chapter in 2015.  They truly have an amazing group of young engineers who dedicate incredible amounts of time to making their community more vibrant and the Civil Engineering profession better every day.  My sincere appreciation and congratulations goes to this group for their amazing contributions to ASCE.  Check them out on Facebook to see what the group is up to now!

Seattle’s 2014/2015 All-Star Cast:

Josh Shippy, Shane Binder, Melissa Wu, Inna Tasmaly, Gabe Ng, Diana Hasegan, Bethy Clark, Eset Alemu, Evan Sheesley, Casey Nelson, Emily Spahn, Younes Nouri, Shylo Shorthouse, Amy Riley, and Don Nguyen

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