Courtney Davis: The Spirit of Edmund Friedmand

If you have ever met Courtney Davis, you know that she is an incredible person with an unparalleled drive for excellence.  Courtney was part of the Seattle YMF for many years, but she just moved back to her home town of Portland, OR.  She brings an extraordinary level of optimism to the table along with a sarcastic and sassy edge.  This blog is an attempt to showcase all of the wonderful contributions that Courtney has made to ASCE, her local community, and the profession of Civil Engineering.  It is a response to the fact that her application for the Edmund Friedman Young Engineer Award for Professional Achievement was somehow “misplaced” and never reviewed by ASCE.

Courtney has a BS and MS degree from Washington State University and she holds a P.E. License in several states.  She works as a Project Engineer for KPFF Consulting Engineers and stayed with the company when she made the move back to Portland.  In addition to her formal education, she has conducted nearly 90 hours of continuing education activities since 2011, ranging from the Supercharge Your Career series to the Emerging Leaders Alliance to technical AISC design courses.

If you take a look at the article I wrote about Seattle YMF, you’ll see a long list of social, community, and technical activities hosted by the group.  Courtney was the President of the Seattle YMF in FY 2015 and led the group as they coordinated all of those activities.  In addition, she sat on their Committee on Pre-College Outreach and the Legislative Committee for the Seattle Section.

Courtney has attended nearly every ASCE event at least once.  She has been to the Western Regional Younger Member Council (WRYMC) every year since 2013.  She  also attended the Legislative Fly-In, President and Governor’s Forum (held in conjunction with the YMLS), the Annual Convention, and the Dream Big Symposium. Courtney has received many ASCE awards, including the New Faces in Civil Engineering in 2015.

Without question Courtney Davis embodies every aspect of what an Edmund Friedman Young Engineer should be. Specifically, for the Seattle Section she has been a leader of our very successful Younger Member Forum for the past four years…Courtney is never afraid to champion a cause for our Section; you can sense the enthusiasm and energy she brings. Those around her are infected by her positive spirit.

-Evan Sheesley, Seattle Section Past-President

In addition to her service in ASCE, Courtney also participates in other professional organizations and mentoring programs.  She participated in a Women in Transportation Seminar Mentoring Program and she sat on the Puget Sound Engineering Council Networking Round Table from 2012-2014.  Both of these programs are designed to help mentor university students and discuss their future in the engineering profession.   Courtney was involved with The Masonry Society for several years, and was recognized by the organization with the Best Master’s Thesis Award in 2009.  She then wrote a journal article that was featured by the organization in 2011 entitled, “Evaluation and Design Provisions for In-Plane Shear in Masonry Walls.”

Courtney has also achieved many things in her professional career. She has worked on a wide range of projects, including the SR-520 Floating Bridge in Seattle and the third set of Locks in the Panama Canal expansion.  Most recently, she managed five interdependent projects in a specific corridor, including a bridge replacement, re-routing a creek, building a new stretch of multi-us path, and designing a flood protection berm.

In addition to all of these achievements, Courtney still manages to make time for community service.   These activities include planning her ten-year high school reunion, participating in food drives, community rebuilding activities, and voter registration.  She has attended over 25 different community service events in the past several years, which speaks volumes about her care for the people around her.

I am saddened that Courtney was overlooked for this award.  I can’t do her application justice in this post; if you saw it, you too would be convinced that she is the most deserving individual. She contributes so many things to the profession and the community that she needs to be recognized.  Feel free to leave a comment below if you want to share your stories about Courtney!

3 thoughts on “Courtney Davis: The Spirit of Edmund Friedmand

  1. Courtney, your impact on our organization is felt throughout our Regions! You are a role model to all of us, your peers. I look forward to seeing your continued success with your career and ASCE!
    Ozzy Bravo

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