ASCE Chapter Spotlight: Austin YMF

ASCE Made Me means that ASCE has helped me get to where I am today. I have become more confident through leadership opportunities provided through ASCE. I have become more knowledgeable because ASCE gives us the opportunity to keep learning long after college is over. It means growing as professions together to make the profession better each and every day.

-Anali Martinez

What does your group do well?

We are all very social and very, very good at networking. If you were to throw our group into a room full of professionals we didn’t know, we would all know at least one person by the end of it.

What does your group need help with?

We would like to offer more to our membership through technical seminars. We want to have access to speakers and leaders in the profession so that they can come talk to us as we start and grow in our careers.

Is there anything else you want the ASCE community to know about your group?

We want to collaborate with YMG from all over the nation. Even if it’s only through social media, we would love to work on a project with you all! You can follow us on Facebook or check out our website for information about upcoming events.

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