Kristina Swallow for ASCE President!

Kristina and me in March 2016

It’s time to vote for our new ASCE President-Elect, and I know who I’m voting for! I have known Kristina Swallow for many years now and I think she would make an excellent President for the Society.  She’s been involved at every level in the organization and has a long list of qualifications.  She’s energetic, motivated, organized, talented, fun, and is someone who I want as my representative.  You can see more information about her background on the ASCE website.

Kristina has been my role model for the past several years.  I met her when I joined the Truckee Meadows Branch Board and she had just been elected as our Regional Director.  She’s always been very knowledgeable, receptive, and helpful with anything we needed as a branch.  She has volunteered to be the emcee for our Annual Awards and Student Recognition Banquet for the past three years and she is an excellent speaker.  Her positive attitude and professional demeanor is exactly what I want in a President of ASCE.

Kristina as the emcee at our 2016 Annual Awards Banquet (Photo Credit: Ashley Verling)

If you’re a Younger Member, you should note that Kristina was one of the founding members of the Las Vegas YMF group in 1996.  She is very close to many Younger Member Groups (YMGs) and has a real understanding of our needs.  I’m confident that she will be our ally when it comes to budgeting and YM programming.  She has been endorsed by five YMGs (Truckee Meadows, Las Vegas, Seattle, Southern Arizona, and Utah) and she was also endorsed by the Western Region Younger Member Council (WRYMC) in January.

Another of Kristina’s notable achievements was her appointment as an ASCE Congressional Fellow in 2009.  She spent three years in Washington, DC advocating for better infrastructure.  Her political experience will make her an ideal spokeswoman for ASCE in congressional matters.  I appreciate that Kristina has been a mentor to me during my trips to the Legislative Fly-In and has guided me through the intimidating task of speaking to legislators.

Kristina and I talking to Senator Harry Reid

I am so excited that Kristina is running for this position and can’t fully express how well she will do in this role. She loves to travel, excels in stressful situations, and never fails to give 100% of herself to every endeavor.

So what are you waiting for? Go cast your vote for Kristina before June 1!

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