ASCE Chapter Spotlight: Las Vegas YMF

For one, “ASCE Made Me” reminds me about the people I have met and important relationships that I have built thanks to ASCE related activities. Furthermore, I don’t think I would be the same person I am today if I didn’t have ASCE activities/responsibilities on top of an already full course load and an internship while I was an undergraduate. After all those arduous and sleepless nights, I can happily say that I grew to become a more resourceful person and a more valuable friend to those in need of any help.

-Noe Santos

This is the first blog in a new series that is spotlighting ASCE Chapters from across the nation.  I chose the Las Vegas Younger Member Forum (YMF) since they coined the term “ASCE Made Me” and let me use it as my blog title. Las Vegas is home to President-Elect candidate Kristina Swallow and she helped start the group back in 1996.

The Las Vegas YMF has about 50  active members and participates in a ton of volunteering, social, and technical events.  Details about all of these events can be found on their website.  Las Vegas will be hosting the Western Regional Younger Member Council (WRYMC) in 2018.  They are always looking for opportunities to host neighboring YMF groups for networking and social events.  And who DOESN’T want to make a trip to Vegas?

What does your group do well?

Our Las Vegas YMF group has managed to allow its members to volunteer and serve as committee chairs or committee members in the respective area that they have the most amount of interest or passion. Furthermore, our group does not shy away from helping out fellow YMF members or committee chairs in fulfilling their duties at times when “life” becomes too overwhelming – we understand that we all have lives and other professional commitments outside of YMF as well!

Our group is also not wary of reassessing our activities and projects from time to time to ensure that they are still beneficial and fulfilling their original purpose! We will gladly re-tool an event or activity if we observe that the original benefits are changing or are no longer present.

Last of all, our group knows how to have fun as a group! Aside from lively board meetings, we have frequent social events and gatherings that allow people to create bonds and friendships outside of the working environment.

What does your group need help with?

We have recently had issues with finding a long-term spot to host our monthly luncheons/technical speakers. This of course is only a temporary bump! We are reaching out to our membership network to determine the best, most-stable location to continue hosting informational luncheons for all of our members.

Also, since our group is hosting WRYMC 2018, we hope to reach out to our members and count on them to be part of the planning committee or a volunteer for the conference. We believe that having members on-board that hosted the student 2010 ASCE Pacific Southwest Conference (PSWC) at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and the 2015 ASCE PSWC at the University of Arizona, Tucson, will definitely prepare and motivate our YMF group to successfully take on the challenge!

Follow Vegas YMF on Social Media

Las Vegas has a very active online presence, so follow them on Facebook and Twitter! You can also check out their website, which won the 2015 Outstanding Younger Member Group Web Award.

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