2016 Mid-Pacific Conference Summary

The Mid-Pacific Conference (Mid-Pac) was held at the University of Nevada, Reno from April 7-9.  Fourteen teams competed in a series of competitions and events.  The competition was held at the UNR campus, the Silver Legacy Hotel and Casino, and the Sparks Marina.  A summary of the results and details of the three main competitions are provided below.

This year we hosted the competition with a slightly different format.  The competition was extended to include a half day on Thursday to accommodate the large number of competitions and ensure that students from each team had enough time to support their students participating in the various competitions. Check out the conference itinerary by downloading the 2016 Mid-Pac Schedule.

Participating Teams

California State University, Chico
California State University, Sacramento
California State University, Fresno
Hohai University
Humboldt State University
San Francisco State University
San Jose State University
Tongji University
Universite Laval
University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Davis
University of the Pacific
University of Nevada, Reno
Zheziang University


Concrete Canoe – 2016 Mid-Pac Concrete Canoe Results
Steel Bridge – 2016 Mid-Pac Steel Bridge Results
Water Treatment – 2016 Mid-Pac Water Treatment Results
Geowall – 2016 Mid-Pac Goe Wall Results
Mead Paper – 2016 Mid-Pac Mead Paper Resutls
Water Research Paper – 2016 Mid Pac Water Research Results
Mini Games

I wrote detailed summaries of the Concrete Canoe, Steel Bridge, and Water Treatment Competitions that have more photos and explanations.

Social Events

We held several social events during the conference that we hope everyone enjoyed! On Thursday night we organized a bar crawl for the 21+ crowd that showcased some of our favorite bars in downtown Reno.  We started at Imperial, and moved to the Taphouse, Shelter, and Heritage in one hour increments.  The social coordinator, Tanya Flint, rang a giant cow bell to signal when it was time to move to the next location.

Mid Pac Bar Crawl
The bar crawl festivities in downtown Reno

On Friday night, we planned another social for all ages inside the conference hotel.  We rented a photo booth, an inflatable obstacle course, and an inflatable jousting match for everyone’s entertainment.  We also had a DJ come play music for the event and had a great time acting like kids!

MidPac Friday Social.jpg
The social area from Friday night

Throughout the weekend, we held a scavenger hunt using the phone app that we created for the conference.  Participating schools were asked to take photos of specific things and were awarded points based on the likelihood of finding the items.  One team (ahem…Nevada) went out of their way to get a tattoo during the weekend, launching them into first place for the scavenger hunt.

Awards Banquet

The awards banquet was held at the Silver Legacy in the Grand Exposition Hall.  We had about 600 attendees and the place was packed! I was the banquet emcee for the first time and had a blast announcing the awards.  However, from the perspective of being a team advisor, I didn’t like knowing the results of the competition before everyone else did.  We handed out nearly 70 awards in under one hour, so I think it went very well.

Nevada winning the concrete canoe competition (Photo Credit: Ashley Verling)

Thank You!

I want to thank all of the teams who joined us in Reno and I really hope you had a great time! As the competition hosts, we appreciate all of the hard work everyone put into preparing for Mid-Pac each year.  I also want to thank all of the UNR students who spent countless hours on hosting the 2016 conference.  Although everything didn’t go perfectly, I think it was a successful conference and am looking forward to going to Chico next year!


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