You Just Got Voluntold.

You know when you don’t really volunteer for something but somehow end up doing it anyway? Or when you miss a meeting and get assigned to a task you didn’t know about? Or when you decide to volunteer for a task just after someone asks and it’s followed by a really uncomfortable silence?  Well, my friend, you’ve been vountold. This is a cross between volunteering for a task and, in all reality, being told you have to do it.

Voluntold 2
Volutold position qualifications: None. Time commitment: full time.

Everyone in ASCE has been voluntold to do something. And if you’re a leader in ASCE, you know that the Voluntold is a great mechanism for getting things done. The images below reflect how the elusive Voluntold appears to those who are affected. These are real drawings by ASCE students. No students were harmed in the making of this blog.

Voluntold 1

First, we will start with my rendition. My Voluntold is cute and kind of cuddly, but he will stab and/or eat you if you cross his path. Voluntolds turn on you if they hear the word, “No,” but they are so sweet if you go along with what they’ve asked.

Voluntold 10

The Voluntold is also described as “a salty little creature” that looks like a cross between a spider and an angry jelly bean. But the crazy look in his eye hints that he gets joy from making you uncomfortable.

Voluntold 3

The softer side of the Voluntold is that is truly a hard worker.  He has “all hands on deck” at all times with a large number of hands, feet, eyes, and mouths to get all of the work done.  This Voluntold has so many things to do that he just can’t manage to do them alone, so have a little sympathy.

Voluntold 4

Another rendition of the Voluntold looks like of like a giant toad. Honestly, this guy reminds me of Ed Bighead from Rocko’s Modern Life. Amiright?! He’s just a salty, angry boss that wants to get things done and doesn’t care about whether or not you want to help.

Voluntold 5

There is a human side to the Voluntold as well.  On the surface he’s just an average member of the Secret Service, but underneath, he is a mistreated Albert Einstein that wants to suck you deep into his elaborate schemes for world domination. When you’re brought into the project, you has no idea what you’re getting yourself into.

Voluntold 6

Voluntolds are sometimes seen as regular people that are stuck in a hole and buried with work.  He wears many hats and has many arms to work as hard as he can. So he is determined to pull you into the hole and likely use you as a stepping stone to climb out.

Voluntold 7

The Voluntold can also be represented by an angry spork wearing a suit.  They have to dress the part of working for a corporation because corporations are the Devil.

Voluntold 8

Speaking of the Devil, this is how others visualize the Voluntold. Perhaps the size of the task affects how evil the Voluntold becomes.  And that makes sense if I told you that this artist was voluntold to run the Steel Bridge Competition at Mid-Pac in 2016.

Voluntold 9

From these drawings, we can draw a few conclusions about the Voluntold. On the surface, it is a weird, salty, bossy character that just wants to pawn it’s workload off on you. But deep down, the Voluntold is trying to do everything it can to maintain the many hats it wears and large number of tasks he’s juggling.  He simply needs a helping hand to get everything done and he thought you were a reliable addition to his team.

Want to submit your own Voluntold drawing? Leave a comment below!


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