ASCE Committee on Younger Members

CYM working late at our 2015 spring meeting (Photo Credit: Renee Whittenberger)

The ASCE Committee on Younger Members (CYM) is a national committee made up of seven voting board members and additional corresponding members. The committee oversees many Younger Member activities within ASCE, including: Younger Member Councils, Younger Member programs, Younger Member webinars, Younger Member awards and recognition, student engagement/transition, and general support for all Younger Members within ASCE.  If you are confused about what all of these terms mean, check out my handy reference guide.

Seven Positions of CYM

The seven members of the committee break the workload into manageable divisions:

  • Geographic Members (there are three of these positions, one serving the western US, one serving the central US, and one serving the eastern US): These committee members are responsible for communicating with all of the Younger Member groups within their geographic regions, advertising everything from the programs to webinars to important due dates. They must collect and review the annual reports from each Younger Member Group and inform ASCE if any chapters are not in good standing.  Finally, each of these members is responsible for assisting with their region’s annual Younger Member Council.
  • Student Relations Chair: This person participates in all things student-related. One of the largest charges for CYM is to increase the number of students who become full members of ASCE. The best way to do this is to convert them into Younger Members upon graduation.  The Student Relations Chair coordinates closely with the Committee on Student Members to understand student needs and provide programs that encourage students to continue as Younger Members after graduation.
  • Programs Chair: This person is responsible for planning and executing at least two Younger Member events each year: the Younger Member Leadership Symposium and the Younger Member Program at the Legislative Fly-In. The Programs Chair may also assist with the ASCE Annual Convention, though Younger Member-specific programs have not been prominent at this event in recent years.
  • Coordination Chair: The Coordination Chair is responsible for coordinating with many other committees within ASCE. This person generally sits on monthly conference calls for other committees and reports back to CYM to ensure we are aware of everything happening within the Society.  It’s a thankless job though very necessary to stay informed.
  • International Chair: This is a new position created in 2015 that is dedicated to assisting international groups form Younger Member chapters. The International Chair is one of the main contacts for these groups and provides coordination between the national society and the ASCE members.

Corresponding Members

Corresponding members generally serve one year terms that are renewable annually.  They assist CYM members with their duties  and serve as liaisons to other ASCE Committees.  They also help judge the CYM awards twice per year.  The roster of Corresponding Members is selected in August, and you can apply online for these positions.

Younger Member Councils

Voting members at WYRMC (Photo Credit: George Tkebuchava)

The classification of the Younger Member demographic began with the Younger Member Councils.  There are three geographic councils (western, eastern, and central) that hold business meetings once per year to discuss topics important to the members.  The meetings are facilitated using Robert’s Rules of Order and formal proceedings are published each year.  Every official Younger Member Group (YMG) in good standing gets a single vote at the council meeting. To remain in good standing and exercise their voting rights, each YMG must have a set of bylaws on file with ASCE and they must complete an annual report.

The three councils are the Western Geographic Younger Member Council (WRYMC), Eastern Geographic Younger Member Council (ERYMC), and Central Geographic Younger Member Council (CRYMC).  Generally, the councils select the host location for future council meetings. Other usual business includes endorsing candidates for ASCE offices and passing resolutions to about issues needing attention from the ASCE Board of Direction.

WRYMC is the oldest council and was formed in 1979.  It represents 29 YMGs from Regions 8 & 9 of ASCE.  CRYMC  and ERYMC are much younger; they were formed in 2007 and 2008, respectively.  CRYMC represents 36 YMGs from ASCE’s Regions 3, 6, & 7.  ERYMC is the largest council and represents 61 YMGs from Regions 1, 2, 4, & 5.

The Younger Member Councils are held at the annual Multi-Regional Leadership Conferences (MRLCs) planned by ASCE.  These two-day conferences are broken up into the same geographical areas as the Younger Member Councils and have evolved to include leadership programming for Younger Members.  In addition, the MRLCs have a track for Student Members and Professional Members.  These tracks are the Workshop for Student Chapter Leaders (WSCL) and the Workshop for Section and Branch Leaders (WSBL).  The MRLCs have sessions that include all of the attendees while other sessions focus only on specific member tracks.

CYM Programs

Younger Members participating in round table discussions (Photo Credit: George Tkebuchava)
  • Younger Member Leadership Symposium (YMLS): This conference is a two-day leadership development workshop designed just for Younger Members. We focus on leadership skills, communication, and professional development.  This is the only program within ASCE that focuses on your career development rather than resources for running an ASCE Chapter.
  • Legislative Fly-In Younger Member Program: Each year ASCE hosts a lobbying event called the Legislative Fly-In. We host a special program for Younger Members to introduce you to the Fly-In, explain government relations resources, and host round tables for Younger Members to discuss the issues important to them.
  • ASCE Annual Convention: The Annual Convention is an technical conference geared towards Professional Members. CYM is trying to become a larger part of the Convention by helping with social events, student transition activities, and Younger Member technical sessions.

CYM Awards

CYM hands out several awards each year to Younger Members across the United States.  These awards are separated into two categories: Recognition OF Younger Members and Recognition BY Younger Members.  You can find more information about the award applications here.

  • Recognition OF Younger Members (nominations due February 1)
    • Collingwood Prize
    • Daniel W. Mead Prize for Younger Members
    • Edmund Friedman Young Engineer Award for Professional Achievement
    • Younger Member Group Award
    • Young Government Civil Engineer of the Year
    • Younger Member Group Website Award
  • Recognition BY Younger Members (nominations due August 1)
    • Superior Employer Recognition Award

Contact CYM

If you want to stay in touch with everything CYM is doing, you can look at our website, Like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter!

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