Step Three: ASCE Professionals

I’ve already elaborated on Student Chapters and Younger Members (engineers 35 years old and under) in my past blogs.  But what happens when you’re no longer a student and you fall over that 35 year age limit? Do we now refer to you as an “Older Member?”  As someone who is pushing that age limit, I prefer “seasoned professional” or “ASCE Professional Member.”

ASCE Members from the CH2M Team on the Golf Course

Although Younger Member Groups are generally run by ASCE members under 35 doesn’t mean you have to stop participating! For example, my local YMG plans technical tours for the entire Branch and everyone is invited.  They also plan socials that the over 35 crowd can join.  One specific event is actually called the “Bridging the Gap Social” and is meant to bring together ASCE members of all ages (students, YMs, and professionals) to network and have pizza.  Other events such as our annual charity golf tournament are almost exclusively attended by “older members” and they always seem to have a great time!

Seasoned professionals generally participate in their local Branch and Section activities to collect Professional Development Hours (PDHs).  Many states require a minimum number of PDHs (which are like continuing education credits) to maintain a Professional Engineer license.  Most local ASCE Branches and Sections host monthly luncheons that feature technical speakers and attendees earn these development hours.  Other activities where members could earn PDHs are technical site tours or local conferences focused on engineering.

ASCE also has some nationally organized events geared towards Professional Members.  There are two annual training sessions that are designed for incoming geographical leaders of ASCE.  These are the Workshop for Section and Branch Leaders (WSBL) and the Presidents and Governors Forum (PGF).  Another event that attracts many seasoned professionals is the Legislative Fly-In in Washington DC each March. Finally, the ASCE Annual Convention is held each fall and is filled with technical talks and site visits geared towards people farther in their careers.  It seems that ASCE doesn’t have a central web location to elaborate on each of these events, so I will do just that in the coming months.

If you have specific questions about navigating your way through the different events that ASCE has to offer, please send me an email and I will be happy to share my knowledge!

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