Step Two: Younger Members

The Younger Members of ASCE are engineers in the Society who are 35 years old and younger.  Generally Younger Members are working professionals, but student members are also technically included in this category. There are about 125 official Younger Member Groups (YMGs) within ASCE and each one is unique.  Though Younger Members don’t compete in design competitions like Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge (which are explained in more depth here), there are many benefits to becoming a Younger Member.

YMGs are similar to Student Chapters because each one operates independently and they facilitate similar types of activities focusing on leadership training, networking, technical development, and social events. The number and type of these activities vary largely by area.  I have found that some groups (like Seattle and Pittsburgh) are extremely active and have very large chapters. Conversely, more remote areas (like Montana and Wyoming) have lower populations and a single YMG serves the entire state.

Younger Members at the YMLS at ASCE Headquarters in 2015

The national Society also provides formal training opportunities for Younger Members across the nation.  These seminars focus on professional development and leadership training and they are made specifically for Younger Members.  The most notable programs are the Younger Member Leadership Symposium, the Younger Member Program at the Legislative Fly-In, and the Multi-Regional Leadership Conferences.  Each of these events deserves its own blog post to fully describe the format, sessions, and benefits, so look for more information in the coming months.

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